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    Stock is due around start of July


    The Echo Verve skate is a spacious and innovative hard boot built around its own unique moulds and design language. Using the best possible materials in the industry, cutting-edge hardware technology and recycled materials, the Echo Verve is a very high-performing skate at a very fair price point.

    Packed with features such as a 3-step adjustable cuff, strong Echo X hardware and premium out-of-the-box liner, this hard boot is both suited for beginners and professional skaters. During the design process of the skate, Echo paid attention to every single little detail and each dimension and function was carefully considered.

    From the top down:

    The V-cut cuff offers both stability and flex, with a beefed-up buckle protector to safeguard your hardware. Do you prefer the cuff low, high, or in between? Echo’s patented 3-step vertical adjustable cuff bolt mechanism has got you covered. Moving down to the shell, you will find your feet comfortable at home with the wide-fitting, high-quality, TPU composite shell which is made from 30% or more recycled material, the same as the cuff. Slightly heel raised with room to downsize if you are a rider seeking an extra snug fit.

    Inside houses the premium “Hygge” liner. Hygge is for comfort and cosiness, just as the liners' comfortable fit will provide. Made from a blend of Neoprene, Lycra, EVA and Polyester Mix, this liner is not just a stock liner, but a premium product. Packed with the Echo X anti-slip patch and adjustable anti-pressure point patches, it will make you feel at home from the get-go. In addition, each liner is lasted true to size, so picking your right shoe size is recommended.

    Both the frame and soul plate are made from a secret and innovative 100% recycled plastic and nylon composite. It ensures fast slides, perfectly tuned sliding dimensions and grooves that lock you into tricks comfortably and in style. 4mm outside and 3mm inside soul plate dimensions (measured for size 282mm), offer plenty of space, but still snug enough to make the skate feel agile. The soul plate is generous in length and designed to offer maximum stability in cess slides and H block tricks on curbs. To assist with ease of use, Echo has carefully shaped the outer edge of the soul plate with a 45% subtle edge.

    The Echo frame comes in either 250mm or 270mm length based on shell size, with space for both anti-rocker (max 2 x 60mm outer wheels) and flat setups (max 4 x 58mm).

    The skate comes fitted with Echo’s 60mm 90A Flow semi-bullet profile wheels and Echo’s 45mm 101A Anti Rocker wheels out of the box, ready to roll with Echo’s high-quality standard ABEC 7 bearings.

    Echo Verve Green

    Stock is expected July 24

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