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  • Innovative, low-profile, and comprehensive elbow protection that offers an excellent range of motion - it’s the Shock Sleeve Elbow Gasket from ENNUI. Ideal for inline skating and other action sports, the protector is flexible, lightweight, easy to put on, and comfortable - it’s the reliable elbow pad you’ve been looking for. The elbow gasket is engineered around a stretchable lycra sleeve that makes the elbow gasket flexible and gives you the perfect fit every time. To ensure the Shock Sleeve stays firmly in place, it has silicone anti-slip bands. To protect you from big falls and impacts that can happen when you’re pushing your limits and enjoying your favorite action sport, the ENNUI Elbow Shock Sleeve includes soft “super foam” material called MYFIT Shock Protection Cushion (SPC) that hardens upon impact providing unparalleled protection and shock absorption. The pad is so low-profile and unobtrusive that it can be worn underneath your clothing while still delivering uncompromised protection. Whether you’re into inline skating, skateboarding, scooter riding, or pretty much any other action sport - the ENNUI Shock Sleeve Elbow Gasket is a great option for unobtrusive elbow protection.

    Ennui Shock Sleeve Elbow Gasket


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