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  • Michael Witzemann Sway Pro Boot
One of the newest members of the USD pro team, Michael Witzemann has been taking the aggressive skating world by
Storm–winning Blading Cup, putting out countless edits, and proving he’s a force to be reckoned with.
Witzemann now has his own pro-model boot. The all-new Michael Witzemann Sway Pro boot comes in a beige/brown colorway and
features an upgraded soulplate that provides smooth, controlled slides on almost any surface. The boot is durable, and supportive
and can stand up to even the most intense skating sessions. Complete with a reworked MYFIT Prime liner, developed and fine-tuned
my Michael himself to give him the skate control and feeling he loves. This is a superb boot for a superb skater–it’s the Michael
Witzemann Sway Pro boot from USD.

    Sway Michael Witzemann Pro Boot


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